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Online publishing applications and online journal publishing have increased as the Internet has become widespread. Our efforts in this area have accelerated especially after 2000 and have started to use all of the opportunities provided by the Internet and digital materials.

The National Medicine Index study was started by TUBITAK a few years ago, aimed at forming an index where all scientific journals published in Turkey can be stored, indexed and retrieved. This study was later transferred to Ulaknet and is now carried out by this institution. Periodicals are required to fulfill and maintain various standards regarding the publishing quality and contents in order to be in this index. With the National Medicine Index Project, development of a publication search motor is aimed at operating on the Internet for biomedical scientific periodicals. Internet addresses where the electronic copies and full texts of the articles are included are requested from the periodicals that want to be included in the index.

Also, the Medicine Data Processing Association has adapted data standards developed for the international periodicals by the National Library of Medicine in the issue of style standards of electronic journals, for the use of national periodicals and published it as a pilot study in its own site. These requirements impel our national periodicals that want to take place in the international indexes not only to release electronic versions, but also to discuss and criticize those.

A new regulation has been issued by the Board of Higher Education (YOK) on the issue of having electronic periodicals take place in academic files. According to these regulations, if an "Electronic Periodical" is a peer-reviewed journal that is published according to the standards of international indexes stated in the application conditions, then the articles published in this journal are accepted as a study cited in the application conditions. Likewise, if there is an electronic journal that suits the definition of a periodical with a national referee, it is also accepted. Even if the candidate is not able to present the studies in the electronic periodical for the application condition, he can submit these studies in a file to the jury to be evaluated together with the other studies. National electronic periodicals with peer-review are included.

The above-mentioned developments indicate that the frequency of electronic journal publication will increase in Turkey country as in the world. Many international journals are being published via the Internet, accepting articles and accomplishing its journal editorial processes and peer-review via the Internet.

e-Littera (Online Journal Software)
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