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m-RNA is a communication channel application aiming to share news and information on the electronic medium. e-bulletins that can be tailored for specific interest groups. Information about users can be categorized, analyzed to make necessary adjustments while getting trends on specific issues on individual virtual communities.

Messenger RNA is a user-sensitive communication channel whose purpose is the sharing of news and information in an electronic environment. Messenger RNA is an application that has been developed as an alternative to classic communication tools and is a new, user-focused application that is open to development. Messenger RNA provides service over a web-site, can store innumerable information and features thanks to its background with a database support, and it may also list these information and features by filtering them with various interrogation methods.

It has been designed available to be directed by a single manager.

  • It can store volumes of information and documents with its background that is supported by a database.
  • A filtering system has been established to make these information and documents easily accessible.
  • The users may be authorized at different levels.
  • The detailed statistics of visitor views are accessible.
  • It can take new categories and titles according to the sector for which it will be applied.
  • The electronic bullentins (e-papers) can be prepared by selecting the contents of the site and delivered to users by e-mail.

    Messenger RNA is a role based application and has 3 different modules related to the users roles.

    The manager has a personal user name password to access the m-RNA. The manager has the authorization to access managing board of the application to create/edit/delete contents, create users groups, assign users, send e-papers (e-bullettin), create polls and do inquiries.

    In the system there are writers (content contributor) which are appointed by the manager. The writers also have their own paswords by which they can edit contents, communicate with the manager and refer new writers.

    Additionally, users (readers) are present whom also have their personal passwords but not the authorization to edit contents. Users are permitted to read contents and comment, take polls, suggest the site to their friends and modify their personal information.


    Manager Module:

    This module is the kitchen of Messenger RNA and can only be used by the administrator/ administrators of Messenger RNA. It can be reached through the main page by logging in with User Name and Password s. This module is where the manager can create contents or confirm writers/users and contents, determine/specify content categories, prepare and send e-bulletins to each specific user group and run such processes. The other users of the system can not view this module.

    Registry: Helps the manager with adding new users to the database, updating users personal information or deleting user registrations.

    Contents: The manager can add contents to the contents-pool, alter or delete the existing contents. The manager can also create new content categories, make changes on the existing content categories or delete any content category.

    Statistics: Makes it possible to track users visits to the site. Holds user based statistics for the manager to view the users in-site visits and can be expanded by creating new inquiries according to preference and requiry.

    e-Bulletins (e-Paper): The manager can create new bulletins with the preferred contents chosen from the contents-pool and send e-bulletin to the related users / users groups.

    Poll: A poll can be created which changes on daily, weekly or monthly bases in order to determine the users tendencies.

    Evaluating suggestions: The incoming suggestions from the users and writers can be evaluated by the manager to make the publication more proficient.

    Archive: It is used to look through the old versions of the site and view the required number of contents.

    Writer Module:

    The writers assigned by the managers can access the system using their user names and passwords. The writers have the authorization to edit contents, communicate with the manager and refer other writers.

    Adding contents: The main duty of the writer is to create contents in order to send to the manager for confirmation.

    Suggesting writer: The writers can suggest new writers to the manager whom they think are competent and skilled to write contents.

    User Module:

    This module refers to the most busy and important section of the Messenger RNA family. The Messenger RNA users, can view any contents by chosing a category, be informed about the contents developements in their sectors and guide the managers with their suggestions.

    Updating Personal information: The users can update their personal information, inform the Messenger RNA of their address and position changes.

    Comments: The users can send their comments on published contents to the manager. The manager can add these comments below the contents.

    Suggestions: Users can help keep Messenger RNA dynamic by making suggestions to the manager about the purpose or quality of the content or the need of new categories.

    Send to a friend: The users can send a content they have liked to others via e-mail.

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