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e-learning is an integrated process in which many solutions function together. Therefore being technically efficient in LMS platforms or mastering learning procedures isn't solely enough to generate successful e-learning solutions. e-learning holds solutions which must be carried out through an interdisciplinary work plan.

With our e-learning solutions;
  • Preparing/Converting Education Content: we offer platform independent content solutions which are updatable and compatible with AICC (Aviation Industry Computer Based Training Commitee) and SCORM (The Sharable Content Object Reference Model) standards.
  • e-learning Process Consultancy: offer solutions for corporation analysis, expectation analysis, strategy plan, instructional design, assessment and evaluation management
  • Software Integration: we provide IBM LMS software development, corporational adaptation, technical support and system operation education

Hipocampus is a comprehensive e-learning project generated to carry the experience and knowledge, gained from the solutions that Pleksus has created towards medical specialists, to the continuing learning field. more »

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