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Web Content Management
Company websites are up to date with web based content management that is managed by the administrators without requiring any HTML or technical knowledge and without interfering with the site concept or continuity.

With web content management solutions;
  • creating, updating and publishing content anytime,anywhre via a web browser,
  • fast and efficient management of Intranet/Extranet/Internet based sites,
  • authorized users can update content and keep it up to date without coding,
  • roles and responsibilities are clearly defined by comprehensive user authorization
  • adheres 100% to web rules and its concept with the usage of template pages
  • multiple template page support in order to differentiate the home, sub and index pages
  • lets the content supplier to focus only on content by the distinction of site design and content
  • being able to sort through old pages with an archive
  • by providing real business focus efficient IT departments are ensured
  • managable web sites with low total costs

are provided.

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