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We provide solutions in:
  • Online journal, full text journal web publishing system (e-LitteraTM); a system enables user to transfer the print ready journal to World Wide Web for full text online journal publishing.

    Currently, 30 organizations in Turkey use our system to publish their journals on the World Wide Web.

  • Online manuscript approval and evaluation (e-CollitteraTM); a system enables users for complete manuscript submission, tracking, review, and publishing electronically and remotely.

    Currently, 19 peer reviewed journals use our system for selection and approval process of manuscripts in Turkey.

  • Evaluation of Scientific Congress/Meeting abstracts, transferring the data into digital platforms (e-AbstractusTM); a system enables users to submit/evaluate/approve abstracts through the WWW.

  • e-Learning, Pleksus develops novel solutions to meet customers specific needs and provides the most effective, engaging learning environment that yields the maximum return-on-investment for its clients' classroom
    • e-cursusTM we develop customized e-courses that are aligned to customers business needs, or offer them training from our existing catalogue. Our customized solutions are tailored to meet both the needs of the individual and the business objectives of individual company.

      Our e-learning materials and software solutions have been developed and validated by academicians, clinicians, educators, and trainers.
    • e-Learning platform (HipocampusTM); an e-learning solution for customers who does not own any learning management system (LMS) in their portal.
    • Knowledge assessment and performance evaluation (e-valuerTM); the system enables users to conduct online tests and surveys, generate certificates, and creates reports on performance.

  • Communication channel application aiming to share news and information on the electronic medium (m-RNATM); e-bulletins that can be tailored for specific interest groups. Information about users can be categorized, analyzed to make necessary adjustments while getting trends on specific issues on individual virtual communities.

  • Web-based application such as:
    • Web content management, (ContexusTM)
    • Consulting
    • Data Management (electronic data collection, database creation and analysis) (e-processus)

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