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Hipocampus is a comprehensive e-learning project generated to carry the experience and knowledge, gained from the solutions that Pleksus has created towards medical specialists, to the continuing learning field.

Pleksus, a pioneer in the health sector, accomplishes its mission to be a leading company in the e-learning field, continues to create web based e-learning projects, web compatible education CDs, interactive educational games.

Without disregarding the importance of specializing in a particular field/profession, Pleksus works together with IBM on the Hipocampus Project believing that strong projects can only become possible with strong partners. Thus with contents developed through the IBM LMS platform, which is the most prefered management system in the world, under the Hipocampus label Pleksus continues to contribute to the continuing medical education.

Services within the Hipocampus Project;
  • Preparing/Converting Medical Education Content
  • Learning Services Providing
  • Consultancy
  • Corporation Analysis
  • Strategy PLan
  • Instructional Design
  • Assessment and Evaluation Management
  • Technical Support

For more information: www.hipocampus.net

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